RDK / Business Development:

We'll combine our successful experience with you to create a plan that ensures that you reach your business goals.

It  begins with a Marketing Strategy that we will provide for you, this will become an Execution Plan (Marketing Plan) for the next 12-24 months considering industry research and assessment. The Marketing Strategy will be executed through RDK’s Project Management System that will outline a 120-day task list to be completed to achieve the company’s goals.

RDK will:

  • Perform Research
  • Facilitate Consultation Meetings
  • Advance Platform 
  • Acquire Data 
  • Brand a Logo Design

Next, RDK will setup your organization with a CRM system that will organize and automate your sales pipeline. The CRM solution is used by over 100,000 businesses and takes less than 48 hours to setup. Full implementation of your sales program will be complete in less than a week.

This system offers:

  • Low Cost, Turn-Key Solutions to Sales Management
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Uploads your existing database of prospects and customers 
  • Creates and Organizes all Opportunities 
  • Generates Leads and Account Management Tools 
  • Provides Email Templates for Sales Automation 
  • Delivers Marketing Tools
  • Provides Tasks and Lead Follow-Up Strategies 

Lastly, RDK will build a great website for you.  The website will be from Godaddy, they have 14 million customers.  We build websites that are designed and written for you. It's your content that makes your website sell. Your new website will be compatible with payment gateways and will be designed for all browsers, tablets and smart phones.

RDK’s Business Development Advisory Service includes a review of all your Social Media presence including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Twitter for maximum exposure. If there are any improvements that need to be made, RDK can provide those services to you as well.        

While your new website is propagating around the world-wide web, RDK will review all your brochures to make sure that more of your clients read them.  Our goal is to make sure that your brochures are compelling, effective and that they set you apart from your competitors. If new brochures need to be implemented, they will be made as PDF’s so you can email them and/or incorporate them into RFPs.

RDK will provide you with a list of free and paid sites from organizations looking for your products and/or services.  There are organizations looking for you that you may not even know about. RDK can design RFP / RFI presentation templates for you so you can use them for multiple bids. 

When we design an Ad Campaign, clicks and calls are inevitable. It's nurturing the leads and making sure your foundation marketing tools are in place to quickly close new opportunities and make your advertising dollars work for you.  RDK uses Facebook and Google AdWords to maximize your Ad Campaign. 

RDK Services, INC. writes and distributes Press Releases for clients using PRWeb. We can assist you with strategy and messaging.

We’ve designed many trade show booths and promotions.  Not only can RDK Services, INC. create your Tradeshow Display, Design, Promotional Handouts and Gifts, we can also attend the show with you and work the booth as part of your team.

With over 20 years of experience closing multi-million dollar deals, RDK Services, INC. can provide you with The Closer Service.  Yes, we can work with you and accompany you all the way to closing of the deal.