RDK / Business to Consumer:

Turning every customer interaction into an opportunity to create more value!

Our customer-centric approach to the payment and billing process is designed to improve the customer experience in ways that remove roadblocks to payment, promote stronger loyalty, and enable future value from the relationship.

                                                 Customer Payment Services

Our account specialists optimize delinquency cures by using a customer-centric approach that ensures full regulatory compliance while treating the customer with courtesy, empathy, and respect. In addition, our closed loop approach ensures we identify the “drivers of delinquency” and work with you to eliminate as many as possible to further mitigate your revenue risk and improve the customer experience.

                                                Accounts Receivable Services

Once a customer is delinquent, we will assist you with a plan to employ best-in-class recovery processes that maximize revenue recovery while positively managing compliance and the customer experience to ensure the appropriate outcome for all parties.

                                                    Customer Experience

Creating a deeply satisfying customer experience is the cornerstone of our get/keep/grow strategy for successful customer management. A positive customer experience drives retention.