RDK / Education:

We partner with our academic clients with the objective of seeing every student successfully fulfilling their financial obligation and achieving their personal aspirations. 

Our programs are designed and developed to center on our client and on the students' success - from the application process through repayment in full - with services that educate, communicate, support, mediate, and consult. We understand that your students are your most important asset, and so we ensure they receive respectful, courteous, and professional service with every interaction. We’ll review each document they receive, assess the job aids for your associates and any contracts with vendors (collection agencies and law firms). RDK will evaluate your current policies and procedures and assess your employees to assure maximum recoveries and goals are met.    

           More Services, Better Options, Higher Success for Higher Education Clients

First, we address the objectives and requirements of your College or University, and offer your business offices, registrars, and financial aid offices the opportunity to customize any changes – making it specific to not only your school, but to the individual department as well. This way, we can be certain your processes meet all of the individual needs and goals of your institution. Our philosophy is to customize each assignment and not use a cookie cutter approach.

But here’s where RDK is different…we know the second part of success is ensuring that the students' needs and goals are being met as well. Using our experience and knowledge, we incorporate into our services the sensitivity, methodologies, and information that clearly resonates with students and allows us to assist you to effectively connect with them while efficiently providing the services they desire resulting in you getting paid.