RDK / Financial Institutions:

RDK Services, INC. is a trustworthy Advisor for all types of Financial Institutions. If you are an Auto Finance Company, Bank, Credit Union, Credit Card Company, or a Leasing Company we would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

We are committed to providing solutions to Financial Institutions by utilizing a seamless approach and methodology that combines excellence in strategic planning and project execution, while continuously innovating and helping our clients succeed.  

                                                                      Our Goals:

Highest Level of Service: RDK is committed to making our clients' lives easier. Our specialized customer service further strengthens the partnerships we have with our clients by benefiting them and maximizing their investment in us.

RDK’s main objective is to ensure that our clients receive what they are owed. We view our clients as our partners: when they succeed, we succeed.

Customer Retention & Compliance: RDK understands that our clients want to maintain a positive relationship with their customers just as we want to maintain a positive relationship with our clients. We work to meet each of those goals not only by remaining compliant, but by leveraging our wealth of experience and technology for the best possible interactions between us and our clients’ customers.

Building from a Stronger Foundation – Leading from a Position of Strength

Energy, Integrity, and Intelligence are what RDK was built on

With the experience and knowledge of larger companies implemented and managed with the care and attention to detail of a smaller company, RDK is always just the right fit. By developing honest and open relationships with our clients, we can better understand your requirements and goals, allowing us to provide your solutions more efficiently and effectively.


RDK knows that your most important asset are your customers. Our focus must be on not just providing you – our customer – exceptional results, but also on the way we achieve those results in working with your customers. This is when being nice matters; where we provide patience, respect, and courtesy as the keystones of our customer relations.

Proper Accounts Receivable Management is fundamental to long-term revenue growth. Proactive, timely customer and data analytics is the key to delivering efficient and effective AR processes.

Our team of seasoned revenue management professionals can help optimize your entire AR process to increase revenue growth, enhance shareholder value, and improve the customer experience.

RDK integrates business and technical expertise and is focused in the following areas:

  • We become an extension of your operations and are committed to working together to identify, understand, and provide a customizable solution set to achieve your performance objectives
  • We specialize in the development of innovative solutions that optimize long-term value
  • We deliver innovative revenue management and customer care solutions to improve financial performance and the customer experience
  • Our unique revenue management solutions help drive long-term company growth and success by aligning four key elements: customers, costs, cash, and compliance