RDK / Mergers & Acquisitions

RDK Services, INC. has first-hand experience in Mergers & Acquisitions.

RDK Services, INC. can help you with your due diligence process.

Let RDK be your trusted resource for Mergers & Acquisitions.​

We act as an Advisor to senior stakeholders as required depending on the acquisition or divestiture particularly when decisions regarding human capital, rates, technology, strategic regulations and licensure in the debt collection industry and/or changes must be taken into the decision process affecting matters of the financial operation within the organization. We have prior experience in being a part or a member of the team, utilizing our skills in negotiating price, down payment, interest rates, amortizing period, balloon payment, options, legal, accounting, earnout, and lease terms. 

RDK Services, INC. Transaction Advisory Services works with you on the development of the organization's strategy and serves as a member of the company’s M & A Team. RDK can act as an Advisor or can perform as the point person for all Mergers & Acquisitions, and divestiture activities.  Deliverables are Sourcing, Commissioning, Assumption Input, Modeling/Charting and Risk Management to keep the deal’s momentum alive and professional. RDK Services, INC. has exceptional presentation skills needed for effective board meetings and capital partner discussions.

If you are looking for a well-rounded organization that can adept at being an Adviser to Executive Management, who can find and create worthy deals, can add significant value as an Advisor, can think strategically, be a pro-active problem solver, interpret financial performance through effective controls and metrics, and can drive a business to commercial success, RDK Services, INC. welcomes the opportunity. 

RDK Services, INC. possesses unquestionable personal and business integrity that will reflect favorably on the company both internally and externally.