RDK / Revenue Cycle:

RDK Services, INC. offers a complete array of healthcare Revenue Cycle Management consulting services. We can provide a full complement of implementation support services for the selection, design, build, education and full migration of a newly selected revenue cycle system.  Also, in conjunction with a new system or as a separate project, we can perform a complete back-end business office transformation that includes all related work flows and processes of the most important aspect of your revenue cycle process –  Getting Paid by your Patients.

Don’t let anyone tell you that they are experts from end-to-end.  There are experts in insurance billing and experts in medical consumer collections. The RDK Team are experts in medical consumer collections and we offer multiple solution packages, each addressing a particular need associated with the back-end of the revenue cycle.

Our projects ensure your success, as all our healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services begin with a detailed assessment and analysis of your current workflow and design. We work in conjunction with your Practice Managers to focus on a successful combination of people, process, and technology to provide a seamless, unified design to fully support your healthcare delivery model while ensuring patient satisfaction. Within each aspect of our design, we fully discuss the advantages and use industry standards and best practices as hallmarks within your design's foundation to assure it is accurate and effective within your organization's operational environment.

Our healthcare consultants perform detailed qualitative analysis to identify and pinpoint the root causes of barriers in your productivity. Using their wide-ranging background and industry expertise, our consultants can associate and effectively communicate with your team, providing meaningful insights for your design - one that will improve and streamline present workflows and internal processes.

Successful outcomes include stronger values for key performance indicators used as drivers to increase revenues, decrease costs, accelerate cash flow and show improvements in financial margins. Full coordination of interdepartmental work will blend together seamlessly to produce greater patient satisfaction while showing a more effective use of your own internal resources.