RDK / Talent Management Solutions:

Finding the right staff for your organization is one of the most important aspects to keeping a strong team that is able to bill and collect on all your accounts. If the person isn’t right for the job, many customers will fall behind on payments and it may hurt repeat customers.  Finding the right talent is all about determining what skills are needed for the job and matching those with the person you hire. Below are the steps you need to develop a strong Account Receivable and Revenue Cycle Team.

The first step to developing a strong credit team is to identify which of the processes in the department can be automated using technology.  We believe that if you have the best people, but you have outdated technology and processes, you’re not going to retain your staff. If you’re making your employees do mundane tasks and creating more work for them, they will not be able to do their job well. Having the best technology and knowing how to use it is vital if goals are to be achieved. The procedures that are used should be well thought out and straight forward. 

Every roll that you hire for should have a detailed and clear job description. The person you are hiring should have a list of tasks that they know they will be doing every day.  Many Accounts Receivable and Revenue Cycle Departments hire someone who can do everything and then throw everything at them. This creates retention problems because the position is overwhelming and leaves no room for the employee to grow. All employees need job aids to help them, these are the tools they will use to be successful. We believe that employees are only as successful as management allows them to be.  

Once you have created job descriptions for each position, carefully figure out what that new employee strengths would need to be and hire someone based off that. Not only will you get the best fit for that position, but the employee will be satisfied to work in a position that they do well in. You can then focus less on teaching them how to do the job properly, and emphasize more on making the job a fun and positive experience.

When hiring for a new position, you simply can’t ignore the need for automation. Throwing a mountain of work on a new employee will surely overwhelm them which could lead you having to find a new replacement sooner than expected.  In order to develop a strong team, you must have the proper technology and tools for them, know what their job description is and hire the best-fit for the job based off of their strengths.

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