RDK / Third Party Debt Collectors:

It's impossible to find a Consultant that understands your collection agency or collection law firm more than RDK Services, INC. We’ve been in that space for more than 20 years.

It sounds so easy… Send a couple letters, Make a few phone calls, Fill out some forms and Make Lots of Money!  

Unfortunately, we know that is NOT true!

The Third-Party Debt Collection Industry has been under assault for many years. If one of your employees makes one error, it could cost the company thousands of dollars.

We can help you turn every customer interaction into an opportunity to create more value.

Our customer-centric approach is designed to improve the customer experience in ways that remove roadblocks to payment, promote stronger loyalty, and enable future value from the relationship.

A RDK consulting project usually includes the following activities. The specific scope of each project is defined with each client prior to beginning the project.

On-site Evaluation and Analysis: Deliver on-site consulting to evaluate the client’s Billing/Accounts Receivables, Credit and/or Collections Strategies, Processes, and Practices to assess current performance, identify immediate and medium to long-term opportunities for improvement and compare the actual operation to Best Practices.

Major topics covered usually include: Strategies, Segmentation, Technology, Work-Flow, Business Rules, IT and Metrics, Operational Processes, Collection Treatments, Multichannel Contact Models, Scripts and Interactions, Skip Tracing, Personnel Management, Compliance, and Quality Call Monitoring, for both in-house, outsourced and/or Third Party Collections processes.

Consulting Model: Facilitate meetings, interviews, focus groups and discussions with the client’s Management Team which may be conducted in English and/or Spanish, at the client’s request.

Written Recommendation Report: Deliver a written report identifying opportunities for improvement, action items and medium to long-term recommendations for improvement.

                                  Consumer Debt Collection Consulting Services 

RDK ​Services, INC. can:

  • Enhance your collection strategies, treatments, processes, and tactics
  • Audit licensure, insurance, bonds, and compliance
  • Represent you at Tradeshows and work with your Sales Team to increase client base. See Business Development
  • Optimize how you communicate with your past due customers and improve the use of traditional and automated multichannel contact tools and E-collections innovations
  • Utilize advanced collection negotiation call models, techniques and skills, especially in early stage delinquencies so you collect the amounts owed and retain your customers
  • Reduce the cost-to-collect by optimizing your technology and system tools

This expertise and dedication enables us to provide exceptional service to every client.  

Ethics and Excellence is our pledge to every valued client.  We promise to provide accurate information when discussing our services.  The RDK Team will base our service offerings on your needs, never upon the amount of compensation and will only recommend high value partners with solid and reputable affiliations. Most importantly, we will maintain a high professional standard of care regardless of your agency's size and will never compromise your trust and confidentiality.